As a small child I grew up I grew up in an Italian household. Coffee was a part of our cultural identity, so naturally it was a part of our everyday ritual. My mom always prepared coffee and milk for me in the morning before school. I loved it as a child, and as I grew up it became ingrained in my everyday routine. I had coffee and milk in the morning, coffee during the day and an espresso after lunch and dinner. I loved my coffee and my coffee heritage.

          But as I got older, I started getting heartburn and acid reflux. I went to my doctor and the first thing he said was to cut your coffee. Well as you can imagine this was life altering for me, and I simply couldn’t do it. So I dealt with the pain and began to take an unhealthy amount of ant-acid supplements.

          While on business trip in Europe, I discovered a brand called Euromild Coffee and it was touted to be Stomach Friendly and Low Acid. Skeptical at first, I decided to give it a go. I couldn’t believe what my body was feeling. That satisfying, rich, full-bodied taste from my childhood was back. And the best part was, NO HEARTBURN!

          I had to find out the secret of this amazing low acid coffee. I learned that the Patented Euromild Steaming Process is what made it so smooth and low in acidity. It steamed away the irritants and chemicals of other coffees, while still preserving that satisfying rich bull bodied flavour. There were even clinical studies that proved this patented process reduced the irritants that causes irritation in the esophagus and in the stomach.

          I knew I couldn’t leave a discovery like this behind just for Europe to enjoy. So I brought it to North America, and that’s how Euromild’s low acid coffee was born. European process and mild on your insides. I have enjoyed Euromild ever since that day and I recommend it to everyone who loves coffee. After-all why not drink a GREAT cup of Coffee that’s also better for you?